No more Facebook for Diana Chittester

August 27, 2020

What took 10+ years to build took only moments to destroy. I am sorry to write and inform everyone that my Facebook page dedicated to my music has been hacked and no longer exists. I have been a little weary of Facebook lately. It began to feel like a platform that was not very safe for its users. I planned to remove my personal life from the social site but hoped to keep my music page alive to help us all stay connected and continue to share new music and performance dates. However, Monday morning received a notice that we were no longer able to access the Diana Chittester Facebook Music Page, and since then the account has been MIA despite our avid attempts to report the issue. 

This may be a small blessing in disguise, however. Facebook did not keep us all connected in the way it was perceived to have. The platform limited who was able to see posts and we never really figured out those ever-changing algorithms. A benefit to moving away from social media as our form of communication and back to our newsletter and website is now we can ensure all who want to stay up-to-date on shows and music will be receiving the information! 

I’d like to revamp our newsletters a little, however. I am planning to use them to share more than just show dates and new releases. I will include some personal stories and photos similar to what I shared on FB. I’ll share the “behind the scene” photos, or house project updates, and maybe the occasional new recipe experiment. I also will receive all of your responses! When you reply to the email I am able to respond personally. 

I do want to mention the Patreon community. This is a really unique way to stay connected. This particular platform allows me to share new music, stories, photos, a podcast, blog, live streams, and both songwriting and guitar workshops. I have two workshops planned to launch this fall and the first is designed for songwriters. Please check out the Diana Chittester Patreon page for more info and consider becoming part of the community. 

Lastly, but certainly not least, I’m very excited to announce that my residence with Bar 32 at Hilton Hotel in Downtown Cleveland has been extended through September! I will be performing every Friday night between 7-10 PM through the month of September.  It’s nice to stay connected in a virtual world but even better to connect in person. The Hilton is taking many precautions to ensure a safe environment for its guests. Visit their website for their COVID-19 updates.


I hope to see you Friday night between 7-10 at the Hilton Hotel’s Bar 32!