A North Coast Treasure

Photo by Elaine Manusakis   /   Story by Pete Roche

Singer / songwriter Diana Chittester’s been playing guitar since her teens…but the learning process didn’t stop with her first couple albums. 

In fact, In This Skin and Find My Way Home were just checkpoints along the path for Chittester, who moved to Cleveland from Pittsburgh a few years back—and has since carved a permanent place for herself in the Northeast Ohio music scene. 

You might’ve seen indefatigable Diana performing live at House of Blues, Music Box Supper Club, or even at Trinity Cathedral—where she opened for (Men at Work front man) Colin Hay in 2015. She can be found playing solo most nights any given week, but she frequently teams up with other local troubadours like Chris Allen, J.D. Eicher, Ryan Humbert, Ray Flanagan, and Brent Kirby. Last year she toured nationally with Royal Wood.

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