Our little label Fighting Chance Records has officially taken 
on THREE NEW ARTSITS! We will be representing them at the upcoming OAPN (Ohio Artist Presenters Network) regional music conference held next week in Sandusky under our new "Agency Hub" sector of FCR. Our goal is to connect artists to great venues and venues to great artists. 

The artists we are representing this year; Anne E DeChantShooter Sharp & the Shootouts and Angie Haze. All incredibly talented, hard working and established artists who we couldn't be more proud to have associated with our growing label. 

Fun Fact: Five years ago we wrote down our 1, 5 and 10 year goals, one of our 5 year goals was to "take on artists and help them grow." And kid you not, to the date, 5 years later in August of 2016 we were in the initial stages of working with these great artists to get to where we are today to launch the new website and make this announcement!