NPR Tiny Desk Contest

We submitted to the Tiny Desk Contest for 2016!
Here is a simple video we recorded in my music room the other night. Take a listen and if you'd like, please share, comment on YouTube, and give it a thumbs up if ya like it! 


2016 NPR Tiny Desk Concert video submission -- Diana Chittester. "Doin' Fine" ©2014, Find My Way Home -- Cleveland, OH. 
Videographer: Jessica Rosenblatt 

My story: 
In 2015, I submitted to Tiny Desk Concert after a friend suggested it and introduced me to the contest. My partner and I had just moved to Portland, OR in late October and we were just getting to know people and places in our new town. We recorded last years video in a local, quaint, woman-run bookstore, and had a great friend (still to this day) record that with about 10 of our newest and closet Portland friends there for support and cheers! 

This year, 2016, we decided to take a simpler route and record by MY desk where all my writing and practicing happens. This years "tiny desk" submission is right here in Cleveland, OH in the same house we moved out of in 2014 and returned back to 8 months later - the city I moved to about 8 years prior. Pittsburgh, PA born, I consider Cleveland, OH my home where I have grown musically and personally. 

I am sharing, "Doin' Fine", a song about breaking past personal borders and boundaries and traveling into the 'undefined' to challenge yourself, overcome fears, and grow. 

NPR, you give performers, songwriters and artists of all different backgrounds an outlet to be heard. So, thank you.