Thank you!

For last nights show I actually shared a green room with Art Alexakis. As soon as I walked in he greeted me with a very cool laid-back vibe which turned into a 45 minute conversation. 

We covered his history, the music industry, his tattoos, his daughters, music venues in Cleveland and, of course, the power of storytelling through music! 

He's down to earth, humble, kind and gracious. 

Every experience we have with music brings me a new memory for our life's scrapbook. This memory is among the top! 

Thank you to all of the new friends I met last night, thank you to the Music Box Supper Club for inviting me to open the stage, thank you Jessica Rosenblatt for being there every step of the way and making most of those steps happen and thank you to the friends that joined us for an amazing evening!

pictured: Jessica Rosenblatt, Art Alexakis, Diana Chittester