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Outside the Spotlight: Memphis Minnie (Ep. 2)


Diana Chittester has a high-register vocal tone that’s a good match for her often uke-fueled material, which is captured by production that allows every word to come through loud and clear. We like the subtle versatility in this artist, as well. She can be spry and upbeat, sounding almost like a Disney princess on the inspirational “Freedom,” then she can shift to a heavier, bluesy, slide guitar-infused “In The Middle” before delivering a touching, heart-tugging, grown-up ballad, “Paradox,” wherein she muses thoughtfully on the nature of love, trust and fidelity. Chittester’s natural versatility and wide vocal range are captivating. - Music Connection Magazine


"Paradox" - Diana Chittester [Official music video for the title track of Paradox, 2018]


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