“She is one woman, one guitar, and no gimmicks… she is one of THE most important artists on the scene in years, and one to watch closely for years to come. 
And, for guitarists, one to study closely…” 

                                                            – Guitar Gods LIVE

Diana Chittester is a teaching Artist with the Ohio Arts Council

About Diana Chittester

As a Teaching Artist, Diana Chittester combines her personal experience in music composition, recording and entrepreneurship to offer art-based curriculum for middle/high students in her community. Workshops and Residencies are designed to strengthen the students' understanding of English Language Arts and Music Theory while providing opportunities to enhance Social Emotional Learning and the use of 21st century skills.



The Female Guitarists' Influence on Popular Music

From quotes of Elvis Presley praising the work of Sister Rosetta Tharpe to Bob Dylan crediting Odetta as the reason he picked up the acoustic guitar, most celebrity household names acknowledge a strong female guitarist as their muse to the styles and genres which were made popular by men. Diana takes listeners on a musical journey through the past century to discover the styles of influential, and often overlooked, female guitarists that helped form the popular musical styles of today. This interactive multi-media workshop examines the impact of social issues, the evolution of music and media, and demonstrates how the bold efforts of female guitarists' influenced popular music. Diana performs and demonstrates many of the popular songs and playing styles that helped shape folk, blues, rock and pop music including Maybelle Carter, Joni Mitchell, Bonnie Raitt, Ani DiFranco, KT Tunstall, and many more. 

Length: 90-minute minimum, can be extended with Q+A 
Target Audience: Library, College, Small Theater,
Female Studies, Music Classes, Family and Kid-Friendly, Community


“Expanding Your Pallet”

A guitar workshop that covers alternate tunings, percussive playing & finger-picking techniques 

This guitar workshop hones in on teaching guitar students the skills that will take their playing to the next level. Players adventure through the limitless world of alternate tunings, learn the tricks of complex picking patterns and are introduced to the hand techniques that will allow them to incorporate percussion into their playing. Diana blends the use of popular songs and her original compositions to demonstrate and teach these skills that will expand any player's pallet of musical expression.  

Length: 60-90 minutes  
Target Audience: Intermediate Guitar students in Middle/High-School, College, and Adults